April 09, 2009

[GOOD mail day!!!!]

You should see my face when i received this from the unsuspecting postman! heh heh.... i was ALL huge smiles and dancing about.... especially AFTER opening the package!! look at this!

I know it's a few shipments rolled into 1, but it's enough to make 1 hyperventilate right!!!! So much OA goodness, so much OA love!!! They are a really swell company and i'm 1 lucky girl!!! :)
So much goodness = instant mojo! Heh... here's what i've done.
For some Pub calls.. it's a bit strange doing Xmas projects soo early in the year, but strangely liberating too!

A little pressie for close friends or relatives - this will be great for grandparents who are not tech savvy enough to keep browsing online!

For a swap - i'll post more details of this soon - but these are soo darling right! You know what they are?? Heh.

Okay, so, given that i've been given SO many yummy goodies from OA, i will be definately sharing the love here on my blog. Thanks for the comments at the previous post, i am so happy to hear from my readers and always so humbled and thrilled to see what you like and get inspired by. Thanks so much for commenting!!! :)

Watch out for some OA giveaways coming right up soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello! is the box made from Sizzix?

stinkydudette said...

wow! you really ARE a lucky girl!! heehee...

jing said...

cant wait to see more of your projects.

playfulmeowz said...

love the Lo about the shoe fetish. I have a bag fetish, well, used to. Now with a toddler, most purchases are for him.

lisa said...

You are so creative. I LOVE your pages! I bet you couldn't wait to play with those new goodies!