June 17, 2007

[weekend activities]

We didn't really go anywhere this weekend. G has been having constant diarrhea and was also running a slight fever the last few days. The fever's gone but her stomach's still a bit tender. The good news is that i think she might be toilet trained as a result! She's been telling us everytime she needs to go to the toilet, and have been 'sans-diapers' the whole time she's home. So far, no accidents *fingers crossed* Whether it's down to this spell of diarrhea, or my parents diligent toilet training, i'm really hoping this is IT!

Here's what we did this weekend :
G insisted on having a photoshoot with her Ginger Miao Miao
Clowning around
This is her usual hyperactive self!
We took out my stash of new stuff and did some scrapbooking together
close up of the LO - the reflectivity of that hambly doesn't photograph well :PAn altered USB packaging turned pencil holder!
That's pronounced - Cute - tee....
Started this flannel and cotton quilt inspired by THIS.
I thought i'd try my hand at hand-sewing the lines - it's taking longer than expected, but i quite like the effect!
remember my wierd looking bag - it's completed! Now i just need to devise a way of carrying it - maybe a wrist strap?

*eta : have also started being quite firm with G. We have tried the negotiating route for far too long i feel, and this weekend, she's really pushing all the buttons to produce 2 exasperated parents! We finally tried what the nanny books say - no more choices, firm reprimands, naughty corner, ignoring her cries - and yesterday was a series of recurrent tantrums and showdowns, but surprisingly, after trying a tantrum ONCE this morning, the rest of the day has passed by really fruitfully! No more wingeing, no more tantrums, just a cooperative happy child - I do hope it's going to last!


Marr said...

Hope Gracie gets well soon. Really be great that she's toilet trained so it eases the diapers bringing days and all.. (**,)

Tell me about it for tantrums. Seth's at his as well. He was sick since Tuesday night but got well by Friday but the cough didn't go away. Still monitoring. This weekend is challenging for as well as he is super cranky!!! *hugs* to you, can fully understand what you are going through manz.

Scrappy Days said...

Oh dear! Poor girl! Hope the storm is settling. It is always terrible when a child falls sick huh.

I love your layout. There's so much to look at ... how you put so much stuff on your page and yet they don't look cluttered at all. This is really amazing! ;)

meta-lodestar said...

Hope darling G is feeling better now! It's really hard to ignore her cries right? Hope the supernanny strategies work *for a long time* :D