June 21, 2007

[pictorial diary]

We did decoupage in the morning.
Art work from yesterday at pride of place on G's wall

An LO done together over these 2 days :)
our little trip out this morning to the local library :)
Love how these pictures turn out, like those mug shots of fashionistas :) All outfit courtesy of Ku Ku Phyllis - G's best personal shopper!

So proud of her this morning. It was just the 2 of us, and as it's becoming harder and harder for me to carry her, i explained to her that she will have to stick close to me and follow me all over. She was really good, never once letting go of my hand (except in the library), and even sat very quietly at lunch, finishing up her own bowl of rice and soup without much help from me! The only time she needed to be carried was on the way home, between the train station and the house, and even then, she held me tightly as it's easier for me to carry her over my shoulder :) I would really miss these moments when it's just the 2 of us.......

More updates on my crafty stuff later!


Scrappy Days said...

Your work is always gorgeous! Love it!!

elaine said...

I always look forward to reading your blogs - and I'm still a big fan of your layouts and craft work. It's great that you're able to spend quality time with your little girl. Have fun!

Marr said...

It's great to have spent quality time together. :) At this age, they can comprehend simple reasoning and it's sweet when they are obedient.

Indeed, it's a moment to cherish, when it's jus the 2 of you. As when no. 2 arrives, somehow, it's another set of parenting skills.

Enjoy every moments you have with Gracie, she's so gorgeous.

Yu'er said...

I love your layouts, since the day I saw your LO from SOMO and get to know little G.
Yes, the moments with just 2 of you, treasure it and cherish it, she will remember and understand..