June 08, 2007


This weekend is a continuous series of bdays - first my dad, then my grandma's, then vic's! G will be happy - she thinks "happy birthday" is an emotion, not a occassion :)

My dad has always been the rock in our family - he's meticulous about all the family finances, very much in tune with all the modern day techie stuff and has always been extremely devoted to his family.

So :
To the person who shaped my entire view of the opposite sex, the one whom i've always turned to for all of life's major decisions, to the selfless 'chauffer' who would ferry me anywhere (and still does!), to my greatest idol and also my greatest fan, to the one who always believed i could be anything i wanted to be - HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!

Have a great birthday and see you soon for dinner! - lots of love, jackie

Just for you! :) Full pics will be posted tmrw...

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