June 23, 2007

[finally done!]

My very first hand quilted blanket! :) It has been exactly 1 week since i started on this quilt, still remember cutting up the strips last weekend. I've been handquilting the stitches every night, after G sleeps, and it's with a sense of accomplishment to finish up the binding today! :)
So, here's what it looks like:
The strips are pink flannel interspersed with white cotton.
I hand sewed the binding on too!
Overview of the front.
Used a soft lavender flannel for the back :) You can see the parts which have been quilted.
O, i didn't use any interlay for this quilt, as the flannel is quite thick and i felt it will be fun to make a lighter quilt for G.


Mel said...

this is lovely.. you've inspired me to get one done for my kids too! :)

Tammy James said...

Hi J,
i always pop in and see what is happening in your world but don't often comment Sorry.
You quilt is lovely, and the layout two posts down is AMAZING ... I love it TFS.