December 31, 2008

[2009!!!!] *many pics*

Wow, time flies by so quickly!!! :) Imagine... another year pass.
In no particular order, these pictures make up 2008...
that pure joy of playing at the beach - everyday on holiday.....
playing together as siblings
going to the museum, doing things together
a nice family picture
our first road trip up together to malaysia - K's 1st trip anywhere :)
she's 1!!! in double quick time, this little baby is growing like a weed!
working together days and nights (literally) to put together our entry at the 2008 Venice Bienalle

that look! priceless :)
some xmas glitters in my classes at the LSS
crafting and more crafting
i often wish i could keep these pieces all to myself :)

happy happy times
a professional accomplishment

I'll be trying to get my lists together for 2009.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :)

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Blue Banana said...

I loooove these photos!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Happy New Year!! God Bless!!