December 05, 2008


I've been composing blog posts in my head, every night i stay with the girls before they go to sleep, waiting till they're in dreamland before getting up to start posting. Needless to say, i usually end up sleeping with them! Terrible. Not only does that limit my blog posts, it also ensures that i don't really have any time to do my other stuff! Luckily i'm still able to do my embroidery work in the cartrips to and fro from my parents place. :)
i LOVE these feathery wisps of little K :)

These last few days have been pretty eventful, G took part in the Act 3 workshop for preschoolers, which were great for her! Little expressive princessy miss was so happy to be going there every morning for 2 hours, i think the acting classes are a great outlet for her, seeing that she loves dressing up, pretend play and all sorts of dancing and acting. I'll probably sign her up for more of these when term starts as well.

Just some random corner of the house
A notebook cover specially commissioned with a stamped verse.
all wrapped up and ready to be given as a xmas pressie :)

I'm also slowly settling into my teaching routine, which has been really fun for the last few classes. I love that i'm meeting new people every class, and how everyone is so enthusiastic about scrapping and making memories. Of course, it gives me the perfect excuse to visit MWL every other day and to drool over the new arrivals. :)

Promise to be better at the postings!!! For the record, this post took me 3 days, 2 nightfeeds and 3 'save as draft's before it got posted!

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