December 21, 2008

[children's garden]

I love the children's garden at the Botanical Gardens. It's a great place to spend the morning (before it gets too hot) and it was especially nice as there were real pine trees all decked out for xmas dotted all over, making the air feel so 'xmassie' :)
cheeky little girl
kissing the little gnomes :)
all sweaty and yucky after climbing up and down the slides but O! so happy :)
Love this little BUM!
caught you!!!
she was fascinated with our toes...
look at that darling face
i think here she was looking up wistfully at all the bigger kids that were climbing up onto the tree house.....

:) Have a great weekend before xmas everybody!!! Posting a scrap / craft entry next :)


meta-lodestar said...

love love love the gals! they are just adorable! great to see them on friday... their antics were my tales for the weekend.

djStoreRooom said...

The pants are really cute!
Great blog you have!