December 30, 2008

[more videos]

More videos of G reading:

A baby layette package for a soon-to-be-out little baby girl :)
all wrapped up inside
apple blankie
matching onesies
matching bib.... :)

lastly, this is how K always comes next to us to call us.... her little bow. For someone so curious and greedy about food (she runs to you as soon as she sees that you've any food), how can she not be on solids?!?


The Squared One said...

Jacq, too cute, too cute!!! I love the picture of little K's chubby legs and arms and rushing to the food. How is it that you have such adorable children? LOL!

Lydia said...

aiyo...K is so chubby, so cute!!! G really have the 'big sister' look ya? hehe