December 06, 2008

[i love you]

I have deep respect for parents all over the world. How do you cope? It is tiring running after the 2 of them, constantly having to stop them from fighting, making sure they are clean and safe. G was in her typical attention seeking mood again today, just after her performance. I'm sure she had a great time acting her part in the production today, the pics are over HERE.
As usual, whenever G gets into her 'i don't want to listen to my parents' mood, we flounder around, trying all sorts of methods to actually make her do what we want. Scoldings don't work, ignoring doesn't work, curtailing treats don't work either. Sometimes we just wait out the tantrum, but it is very tiring on all parties. Any tips out there?

Anyways, the journalling on this tag pretty much sums up how i usually feel if i lose my cool with her after one of the aforementioned tantrums. (click on the pic to view it larger)
It's a great thing to write it all down, i look at it all the time and remind myself - look at the big picture!

So, this is our angelic little princess:
Impish smiles and all, how could she push those buttons so easily!

This is why i lose my cool:
seemingly demure
heh, i have NO idea why she does this.....

or this....haha, i think the other kids find her extremely entertaining.... :)

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Blue Banana said...

HAHAHHAA ... i can understand why! HAHAHA