December 12, 2008


I'm having trouble trying to upload my videos onto blogger. I took a video of G reading the entire book of "madagascar Escape 2 Africa", cover to cover. We noticed her trying to read her words a few weeks ago, and have been encouraging her to do so by reading to her all the favorites. Initially, we though that she was just remembering the words from memory, but around 2 weeks ago, realised that she was actually reading! It is pretty amazing, when you see that little lightbulb go off in her head, about creating words and making the phonetics and meaning connect. She is so thrilled about her newfound skill that she reads everything. From menus to toy boxes, from emails to my novels.. haha, it is such a joy to see that comprehension when she gets it all right :)
Will try to upload them onto youtube and link.

Anways, as i've mentioned earlier, G is very into her PiNK and PriNCESS phase. Heh, we bought her the 11piece dressup set from ToysRus and she was SOOO thrilled! Here are some pics of her in the 'top to toe' getup!
Fluffy Tiara, Fluffy sandals (high heeled no less!), Faux diamond earrings and pendant, silver wand.
Here's her cheeky smile
It's blurry, but i love this pic of K rushing to me, all the time calling 'Ma ma ma ma'....
An attempt at a timer selfportrait shot. I like that everybody looks so natural here :)

** SHOP UPDATE** I've posted my latest creations on Flickr - it's a much simpler uploading engine. Please let me know your xmas orders by this weekend. The last international shipment will be on MONDAY 15th DEC. :) Local orders, last orders will be by the 15th Dec, and the last shipment for those will be on FRIDAY 19th DEC. Thanks!

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