December 29, 2008

[my little reader]

G has a new pasttime - reading! i must say that i'm really amazed at how fast she picked up on reading. At the start of this month, she has just started piecing the words together and pronouncing them phonetically. And as she grew more and more confident with reading, she got more and more excited reading all her old + new books. Now she manages to read from cover to cover, most of the books that we borrow from the library, as well as all her favorite books at home. Recently, I came across the "big book of nursery rhymes" at a recent book fair, and it brought back really fond memories of my childhood. There were all the classic nursery rhymes in there and even some new ones that i've not heard of. The illustrations were very victorian, with lots of flouncy dresses and parasols. G, still in her princess phase, will exclaim after every other rhyme that she reads - "can i have a long dress like hers... ooo! mummy, i like this long pink one!"
Here's a video of her reading:

you can see that she's started reading very loudly, that's because not only does she like reading, she LOVES taking videos of herself reading. And we've told her repeatedly to speak up, as it will be too soft otherwise for the phone camera to pick up her voice.

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scrap-myself-silly said...

OMG !!
Well done G !!
She reads beautifully and her pronounciation is accurate !
You must be very proud of ur lil princess :)

Happy new year !