December 17, 2008

[dim chong chong]

video clip of G age 2 yrs :)

The limerick goes like this:
Dim chong chong
Chong chong Fei
Fei Hoi Gei
Mo Tek pok
Pok Hy "gracie" ke Gai Si Mei!!!! *insert giggles*

heh heh......
O! little dragonfly
fly fly away
where are you flying to?
no place to rest
Come rest on the top of little "gracie"s head!


Creative B Bee said...

I sang this to my kids too (while they still a baby ago). Are you a contonese?

Lifestylewithlove said...

me too...this must be a Cantonese one...and should be from HK, i don't know anybody from Singapore knows this song..

Whosies said...

how cute is that?! love the little song....must learn it myself.