December 23, 2008


As i answer the zillionth time - "nope it's not here yet" to G's constant question " is it xmas yet???", followed by "can we open the presents?".... it's finally just a day away! :) it is so amazing that is now the end of 2008! How did time fly by so quickly? Last night, as i lay awake in bed at 3am in the morning, after a mid-slumber nite feed to K, she was tossing and turning, and somehow ended up sprawled over my tummy. Apparently it is the most comfortable position for her to continue sleeping. Not so for me! But as i lay there in the dark, with her wispy hair tickling my nose and her chubby fingers grabbing my pjs, i wonder how many more moments i can spend with her like this, how many more nights she will like to snuggle onto me and sleep, how many more times she will peer into my face in the dark and go "ma ma". Time really flies by, so do spend them wisely and in the most fulfilling way!!! :)

HAPPY XMAS EVERYBODY and have the most WONDERFUL 2009!!!

Here's our Xmas Ecard as always we're too late to send out real xmas cards... :P


kristin said...

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family too!!

maryann koh said...

Wishing you and family the merriest christmas and the happiest new year you've ever had! :)