December 15, 2008

[model helper]

G has been a really great helper today, it's really fun doing stuff with her (when she's not in one of those needy wingy moods!) and today when K took her afternoon nap, i had a little helper sorting out my buttons, threading (or trying to thread) my needle, counting the satchets, organising my photo display and even being the model in the photoshots. :)
Here's the pics:
Some customised iphone pouches.
Lavender filled satchets with 2-yr old sayings :)
My little helper modelling the wares
I made around 30 of these little ones, all with different sayings.... 20 of them are already spoken for, but if you'd like to purchase the other 10, do email me! :)

*other books read - 'The Odd Egg' - Emily Gravett; I love her books! They are all beautifully illustrated and have the funniest sense of humor.
Any good princessy books to recommend?

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Coochies & All said...

Oooh I love those sachets - beautiful! Wish I knew how to sew sachets - am hopeless in that area. The pouches are also gorgeous! Great stuff Jacq! I don't have any good books to recommend - am having trouble finding them myself, but I'll let you know if I come across any. Did come across this website and thought you might be interested in it:
Have a wonderful christmas!
elaine t