January 14, 2009

{hongkong DAY 01]

Just back from Hongkong. It was a really good break, albeit a very very tiring one! We had a last minute presentation the few days before the trip and we've never had it this stressful before. We were practically working right up to take off!

Having said that, the weather in Hongkong at this time of the year was simply gorgeous, at a mild 10 - 14 degrees everyday. I think we probably caught the coldest spell of the year! In anycase, we loved the weather, as it was a chance to break into our winter wear collection, with scarves and woolies all around. Also, this time around, we had my parents on the trip too, without whom i don't think we'd have been able to cope with 2 very fiesty toddlers! The children as usual LOVED disneyland, i think it was a really good choice to hit the rides first thing in the morning, as there was virtually no queues (the crowd only really started coming in after lunch). We went on most of the rides available, some numerous times as well. G was much more adventurous this time around, what a difference 1 year makes! I was really glad that K was very excited to be at disneyland too, she kept exclaiming about "mau", which is what she calls mickey or minnie.

AM- Breakfast at Cha chan ting
AM- Disneyland
LUNCH - Disneyland
PM - Fireworks then Citigate
DINNER - Citigate

The highlight of any trips, we stayed HERE again, it had the bath, which was a real treat as G and K took morning AND night soaks!Our morning breakfast stop, a super traditional 'cha chan ting', with the Must have macaroni and ham plus Polo bun breakfast. G loves that she was able to have her favorite Maggi noodles for breakfast almost everyday! But trying to fit 2 prams, 4 adults and 2 toddlers into tiny tiny hole in the wall cafes are an art in itself!The subway. It was really easy navigating, we are really glad to be staying in such a central location.
The weather when we got to disneyland was perfect! Sunny, crisp, cold. It got a bit chilly after awhile, especially when the wind started blowing, but nothing 3 rides in the warm "it's a small world" boatride can't cure! We did ALL the character meeting this time around, i think that must have been the most memorable for G. She probably loved it even more than the rides, as she kept talking about how the characters were like, what they did etc. The good thing was we were there very early, so there were virtually no queues at all these meet the character spots.
We finally got to sit on the PINK dumbo - the last trip we were at disneyland, G threw a hissy fit when it got to our turn as the pink ones were already all taken up. This time around, we were one of the first few out and got our pick of the colours.Little Mickey. She just sat there on the floor, oblivious to the cold, and played with mickey for a really long time! After the fireworks at Disneyland (which both loved!), it was off for some dinner and retail therapy at Citigate Outlets, where in the space of 1+ hours, i was able to do all my chinese new year shopping, plus V even found a fleece jacket for G! It was really great, we went back to the hotel totally satisfied after the 1st day out. :)

Outfit for the girls -
G - inner cotton long sleeve with wool mix jumper - H&M; knitted sweater - by me, from THIS pattern; scarf + hat - Woolworths; jeans - H&M; shoes - Birkenstocks.
K - inner cotton long sleeve - $2 discount shop; woolen vest - gift from auntie S; jacket and shoes from Nike; jeans - Uniqlo; stockings - Woolworths.

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