January 05, 2009

[these little things]

... this one's all abt flattery these days....
"you know, you're the BEST daddy (or mummy) in the whole life world!"
also, "i LOVE your cooking mummy (or popo)"

this one's discovering abt words and is at the phase when she knows enough to fully comprehend what we're saying, but not enough to reply. She'll gleefully do anything for us just becos she now understands what we're saying. Something her sister exploits to the fullest!
words she says now-
"nana"(banana), "apple", "ball", "please", "thanks"
amazingly, she's still nursing, and when it's time for milk, she calls me "malk" - quite apt!
happy week!

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kristin said...

happy new year jacqui!! so happy i was able to meet you this past year!