January 27, 2009

[CHINESE NEW YEAR 01] *many pics!*

With 2 kids under 4 with no naps the WHOLE day, it is quite a stressful time for us parents. But editing and posting these pictures after the little ones are fast asleep in bed, we truly wonder - is it worthit afterall?
Why doesn't K like to hug me????? prompted this look
K, the ever affectionate one, obliges finally...
which made G really happy.... (notice her ring!)
Our annual family portrait
V with the girls
i love how K does this to us - she will lie her head down on us and cup her little fists onto our chests :) G looks rather pensive here too right?
me and the girls
a nice candid shot.
V took these pics of K.. i love how baby-ish she looks in this pictures! G grew up so quickly that by the time she was 1, she totally didn't look like a baby anymore. I'm glad K is taking her own time growing up, so that we're able to enjoy many more baby months!

The yummy spread for lunch....
A reluctant K with the 2 ku ku's :)
No afternoon nap, but still cheerful K
starting the shopping young!
love these pics taken by P. Thanks too for shopping for a super nice dress that has - 1. long (until past my ankles) length, 2. Pink, 3. Many layers, 4. Princessy.... :) G was delighted with this dress and would wear it to sleep if allowed!
We love it too for it's sexy halter top cut....
clowning around - on a sugar high
princess G :
this is how you sit!
behind the scenes pomelo for the tossing of the "Yu Sheng". :)

Onwards to the 2nd day of Chinese New Year! Where we hope the kiddies will not be sooo sleep deprived! :)


Lynette C said...

Xin Nian Kuai Le. Wan Shi Ru Yi. I hope my chinese (Han Yu) is still good enough to make sense in this greeting.

Mel said...

happy cny to you + your family! :) lovely pictures!

david santos said...

The Children are the future of World!