January 15, 2009

[hongkong Day 02 + 03]

Day 02 and Day 03 were the 'take it easy' days..... we were just going to walk around areas, without much planning. It was a good thing too! As the kids fell asleep in prams at odd hours (i think it must have been the weather), we could cater to their erratic naps by planning non-kid friendly activities (like shopping!) while they slept.

Itinery Day 02:
BREAKFAST - Toast and Milk tea at Central (there's this really good restaurant on the junction of Queen's Rd and Stanley)
MORNING - Central Escalators, Soho, Shops
SHOPPING - H&M!! (we shopped for all the girl's chinese new year clothes here!)
LUNCH - Stewed beef noodles + egg custard dessert (yum!)
AFTERNOON - Playground then back to Hotel
DINNER - Liver congee, Fried Kway Tiao at Times Square
SUPPER - more egg custard!
My parents on the steps of stanley market..
the 2 men in my life :)
G enjoying her egg custard
Us at the beef noodle shop
Hungry V
In front of our hotel, all bundled up! I love how K looks, so toasty in her little pram! The best thing we did - bring BOTH the prams. There was lots of walking, and the prams were great when it got too cold, as G's pram had a windshield and i think that took away the most of the cold! And i also brought fleece blankies (which is incidentally on sale in my shop) they are the best for keeping out the cold! :)
At the playground - i remembered a little play area around the escalators the last time we were in Hongkong, but couldn't remember exactly where. It was great that we chanced upon it again while walking down the slopes of Soho. A very tiny reprieve but great for the kids to expand some energy!
K enjoying her banana- i think that's the only real solid food she is able to eat with joy. She can finish up half a banana all by herself! :)

G - Long sleeve inner layer + wool jumper - H&M; Skirt - double layer velvet skirt (gift); knee high leggings - H&M; fleece outer layer - Esprit
K- Long sleeve stripey top - Fox Baby; Wool skirt - OshKosh; Tights + hat - Woolworths; Jacket - Nike
Breakfast for a change at a Japanese chain restaurant, just next to our hotel. It was really great to dig into some western food for a change!Love the lighting in this shop, here's me and K posing! :)

I love the energy in this picture! :) Look at the girls and my parents.... heh
K in her pensive moods - poor child had the worst attack of eczema during the trip - there were red rashes all over her body! poor baby.....
G prancing around at the roof garden of the IFC mall - great views!!! And do go there for sunday brunch which they serve at the Conrad hotel which shares the same roofgarden.
Give the kids free space, some sun, and that's enough for them to go wild!
Love this shot!

G - Long sleeve inner layer - H&M (yup, we bought loads of these long sleeve basics!); outer - Esprit; Skirt + pink tights + socks - H&M
K - mostly Foxbaby

We loved this trip! Although it was super tiring..... G has been reminiscing about it too, almost everyday there is a mention about why it was such a quick trip, when will we next be going to HKG, or on holiday.... :) Thanks to my parents who made it MUCH easier for us with the girls, for putting up with a "stressful" holiday, for sacrificing precious sleep as they had to share their room with a boisterous 3 yr old, for paying for all our meals and more, for babysitting while we went shopping - THANKS we love you! :)


meta-lodestar said...

the little gals are like models!! haha... & I want custard...

Marr said...

I love the very last shot of K as well.