March 31, 2008

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We spent a good part of the weekend house-hunting. For us, it could be a form of wanderlust - we've not really spent more than 2-3 yrs in a fixed location - this apartment that we've been in constitutes the longest time we've spent at any 1 fixed home! :) 5 years. In these 5 yrs, we've designed and built our 1st apartment together, turned our flat into a public gallery, been pregnant twice and had 2 newborns in the aparment, seen it turned from a 2-person pad to a family home.... the 1st home will always be memorable. Even now, i get nostalgic about having to leave it and move on. Call it an occupational hazard, but it's now time again for us to start looking for another potential project. Come the weekend, we're busy scouring the papers, shortlisting properties within our price range, and visiting all the ones that sound promising. So far, there are a few hits and plenty of misses, but the hunt goes on and it's really fun! :) In between all the car trips, there was time to craft, so here's what i have created over the weekend :

Plus, some pics of 2 more commissioned customised ipod / camera cosies :

And all the time my little K is grinning at me :)

O! and a little sneak peek at a submission to memorymakers :)
Some other stuff i've been stitching too - i don't really know what they might become, but they are nice and small and fit into my bag to stitch on the go :)
1. lotus & leaves, 2. all together, 3. big leaf, 4. pink and red felt, 5. red circle, 6. umbrellas, 7. 3 dots, 8. leaves, 9. turqouise button, 10. customised ipod cover, 11. handmade with love, 12. customised goodies, 13. customised camera case, 14. LEAVES, 15. HEART trees applique, 16. PEACH LEAVES

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Anonymous said...

hi, first time dropping a comment at your blog. Just like to say you are really a superwoman, able to travel around looking for houses and still have time to craft. How I wish I could be like you. Really enjoy reading your blog and artwork. Keep it up!!!