March 26, 2008


Little miss K has sprouted 2 baby teeth on her lower gums :) She's drooling A LOT and keeps wanting to bite stuff, and the reason for all these are the 2 little beauties that are slightly protruding out now. She's also started to start blabbering something that sounds like 'papa papa'.... Or it's just wishful thinking on V's part!
Despite the general discomfort with her sprouting teeth, we managed to have quite a good long weekend at the park and doing some home crafts (pebble felting!).
love taking pictures of her this way :P
haha - my bossy miss G - telling us what the 'danger' sign on the electrical substation is - her interpretation - "No touching, otherwise you will fall down" ... haha
'papa' and K :)

I started off and finished up some additions to my shop last week - here they are:
BABY blankies - they are really nice and snug! :) loved stitching onto them.

Purple Heart - gosh, i really can't give good titles for my work! :P heh heh... any suggestions are welcome! at the moment, they are all pretty 'matter of fact' uninspiring titles ....

slowly uploading them onto the shop! Do let me know if you'd like any of them... i'll go list them onto my shop!

More pics of the crafty stuff on my FLICKR site ->

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ming said...

hello jac just popping by :) btw fox has some great plain baby bodysuits on sale if you need to stock up for your customised babysuits. sheena