February 29, 2008

[time out]

1st-ly: sorry for such a long hiatus from blogging! you know how life creeps up on you sometimes, both the little girls were ill with bad coughs over the weekend, which meant much less time for me to spend on the comp. Anyways, K's much better now, and G's still coughing quite badly at night, but is getting better. Now V's down with the cold :(
Owell, at least G will be enjoying her 3 yr old bday next week in good health!
What have i been doing these last few days :
made this bible cover for a returning customer :)

completed a 12 page scrapbook album for the gorgeous L :)

made some really cute LOs for this SITE where i've been invited to guest DT.

also bought some embroidery hoops to frame my embroidered pieces. I'm thinking of covering them up with scrap patterned paper, and modpodge them. What do you think? Do they look nicer raw like that?

I love it when my Etsy purchases come in the mail. This is a lovely pouch from HERE :) So versatile and good to use!

The other reason for the title of today's post is G's behaviour lately. Actually, i suppose it's the Terrible Twos and the Tantrum Threes all rolling up at the same time. This morning, we were told by her preschool teacher that she's been smacking other people in school. Surprisingly, it's not the other kids that she's hitting, but their parents / grandparents! Not surprisingly, they've been enforcing Timeout as the disciplinary method for G. As a parent, i feel both embarressed and helpless when she acts up outside of the house. I suppose as a firstborn and first-time parents, we are both learning what works best for her general well-being. I'm trying to stop putting across a direct 'no' to her requests, and yet instill in her which are the behavioral boundaries that we need to respect. It's been very trying, both for us and also my parents, but hopefully as she gets older, she will understand more and it'll be easier. She is definitely a very willful child, she knows what she wants, she knows which adult is an easy pushover, she can read emotional situations very well, which makes it all the more difficult to demand that she conforms to our set of rules. I find that now, more and more, i have to remind myself that she is beginning to be a person in her own right, with her own (very strong) personality. I'm just there to help shape the person that she will be, and not to demand that she has to be the child that i have in my mind. Moments that we share should be about enjoying her personality, and not a constant battle of wills. Easier said than done, i know, but i'm working at it!! :)

This weekend, i've these to look forward to:
1. Little E's birthday party
2. Making 50(!) party favors for G's school friends
3. Planning our Japan trip
4. Going on a duckie tour :)
5. Starting up a commissioned 'kid sized' blankie (as opposed to the baby ones in my shop)
6. More embroidery

Have a great weekend!


Sue said...

Hi Jacqui, I think the raw embroidery hoops look great, I'm sure covered one would look fantastic also. I guess it just depends on what you are framing as to which way to go.

susan j said...

I'm with the other Sue!! I have been meaning to buy some embroidery hoops too to frame some material I have and hang it up on the wall.

I think raw would look good.

Amelia said...

Oh I like them framed raw and organic! But that's just me, hehheh. Beautiful work again, btw!