February 09, 2008

[CNY: more pictures]

yup, more pictures:
Chinese New Year [DAY 02]
i love taking pictures of little miss K :)
look how little her toes are! love this curled up cuteness of her little feet
whatcha looking at!
the 'huh?' look
my 2 girls - * no babies were hurt in the following pictures :)

see their feet? sooo cute!
G refused to cooperate throughout our family pics - pardon the unsightly facial expressions :P
love how she's looking so alert and cheerful.

a womanly miss P :)

yum - Yusheng....
lunch spread
a very sweaty, 'getting cranky cos she missed her afternoon nap time' little girl
More scrappy pics tomorrow.....
Has everybody seen the sneaks of October Afternoon's new range???? It's just awesome....
Go HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.......all courtesy of the OA DT girls!!! Can't wait to receive my stuff....... judging by all the sneaks - they are all definitely drool worthy!


Mel said...

love the new stuff, and your girls are so cute all dressed up! :)

Lina said...

Cute family! Happy new year!

Anna Sigga said...

Your girls are so cute!!!!!

Sri said...

So cute! I think little K looks like your hubby more.