February 17, 2008

[did you have....]

a good valentine's? :) heh heh... do feel free to share your fabulous V-day gifts in the comments here! (i promise i won't get jealous...)
So, i was rummaging around my craft stash, and hey, found these embroidered panels that haven't been photographed - so here they are :
i love that joel dewberry fabric....
i'm going to try doing more of those squiggly stitches - i love how they look... these were just randomly embroidered below the felt trees.
i really should use felt more often - i love the way it feels to stitch into it, and the lovely puckered texture of it when appliqued onto fabric.

in other crafty areas, i'm busy completing the 10 pages of commissioned work - which is why i can't post it here.... also, OA have just sent me a whole pack of product, which i have to do justice to by scrapping with them (not that it's a big problem, all the papers and stamps are so cool to use and i've been having lots of fun playing with them!) - BUT the only thing is i can't show them to you on this blog as the publications now all have this 'never seen before' rule. O well.... soon soon.... :) Plus, i've also been finishing up my cardigan - only 1 more sleeve left to go! :) yay....

now, i'm having a problem with too much multitasking..... i need to FOCUS on what i want to do - is it developing my Etsy shop with more products (embroidery and making baby clothes / blankies); is it putting in my everything for the scrapbooking industry (making LOs, keepsake pages, submitting for magazine calls, trying out for other DT positions); is it developing another sideline business of children related furniture (ok, this is just always at the back of my mind, i haven't really done anything abt it or thought about it much :P)
see what i mean! i really hope to be able to accomplish them all, but sometimes it really is pretty hard to focus, especially trying to juggle 2 kids and a full time job at the same time....

here they are again - K's getting really vocal nowadays- she loves to scream to get our attention! And i think she's ready to be turning on her own any day now! :)


Karla Dudley said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!! All you need is the drive and you got that honey! Go for it!!!!!! I'm here cheering you on! Just promise me that when you open up a store that you carry my journals in it!!!!! Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!...im serious LOL!!!!

Hood luck sweetheart, your art is perfectly delightful!

Chat soon hoeny,

Amelia said...

I know exactly what you mean! Wish I had my focus back like those pre-momma days, ha ha! My one little word for 2008 is Organization, I'm hoping that will reel me back and help me focus on my to-do list this year. Boy, is that list looong! But hey, continue what you're doing, you're doing GREAT!!

Ravenhill said...

Fabulous stitching! The color combinations are so wonderful. Real artisty at work here. I know it is hard to focus isn't it? One wants to do so many things! Sounds like you are into some exciting projects though. enjoy!