February 06, 2008

[year of the rat zoo]

Love going to the zoo during the weekdays. No crowds, ample parking space, free tramrides, almost empty playground. My parents brought us kids (big and small) to the zoo in the morning, before they left for their annual trip to Malaysia at night. Here's some priceless pictures (all ready to be scrapped!):
a super smiley baby - this is her when she's just woken up from one of her naps.....
K sleeping soundly in the pram
1 meter tall already!!!
her favorite part of the zoo - the playground!!!
K, G, me and mom, we look alike right?
a few pictures of K doing her tummy time..
She's all for it, but after abt 2 minutes of this, she'll start to protest.
O and she used to be such an easy baby in the car, but now the minute we get into a car, she's winge and cry :( I guess it's a phase we've just got to sit through....

*scrapping furiously away with my new SOMO kit. Such nice colours, such fun!!! :) hopefully i've something to show in my next post!
**not been updating my Etsy shop, hopefully i'll do a shop update very very soon (like in the next few days!)

::::::::::::::HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYBODY::::::::::::::::


Natasja said...

Happy New Year to you!!
Lovely pictures!!

Marr said...

I really like this photo of G at the playground. She's so grown up now! heee.. really little Missy.

Love your SOMO Jan/Feb LOs. superdly done. :)