February 14, 2008

[happy V day]

::::::happy valentine's everybody! :::::::::

it is so sad that due to the hype and commercialism, this day has turned into something that is actually abhorrent to most people. me and v have never really celebrated valentine's day. Nope, not even when we were dating, and probably would never celebrate it. I've never really missed it, now i see it more of a commercial advantage (to stock up my shop with something for those people who DO celebrate it) than anything else.
Anyways, to you all out there who DO celebrate it, this is for you :
and, just trying to backup my old pictures and i came across this one of G when she was abt 14 months old. How time flies!!!

She's super articulate now and here's a sample of her day-to-day randomness -
{listening to Jay Chou in the car}
G: why did he say "bar-ney"
me: no, he's saying "bang ni", which means Help You in chinese
G: o. You need help and hold hands when doing dangerous things.
me: yup, that's right
G: crossing the road is dangerous, need to hold hands
me: yes, that' right, so you won't get lost too.
G: when the little polar bear in the purple book gets lost, he couldn't find his mummy again, and the little eskimo girl brought him home (referring to a book we read recently); when i get lost will the stranger bring me home? mummy?
me: sometimes strangers are good, sometimes they are bad, we won't know.
G: (looking out of the window) that stranger in that car, is he good?

and so on.... our conversations can take sharp turns here and there, but always really interesting to listen to her articulate herself, and making sense of the world through the things we talk about. :)


Mel said...

hehe! that's so cute! happy v-day to you too (although I don't celebrate it either).

eva said...

Lovely and very meaningful conversation! It made me smile :)