February 06, 2008


So, the most important event of the year is just a few hours away. Just back from a delightful (FULL!) reunion dinner at new house. All that buying of new clothes, making sure we've wrapped all the red packets, arranging the logistics of who we're visiting and at what time. Chinese New Year sure is a different ball game altogether with kids! :) Especially with 2 under 5! This will be K's first new year and everybody's really excited to see her. Ironically, there are relatives whom we never get to meet over the year, which will be really wierd as last Chinese New Year, nobody even knew that i was pregnant with #2 yet, and this year, i would be not pregnant again, but with a little one in tow! :P
So, anyways, this will be a scrappy post, as i've broken into my SOMO jan/feb stash (I LOVE FEB KITS!!! i'm still using the pps from LAST year's kits, and the LOVE stamps are my all time fav). I could go on and on about the fabulousness of the kit, but here are some sneaks of what i've been doing. Lots of new October Afternoon stamps arrived too with the kit, with a generous amount of paper goodies! :) I'm a happy girl!!!!

O, and also some more for little L's album (a few more pages to go and i'm posting them to you C!)

I've also been invited to be guest DT here - the kit has just arrived with LOADS of goodies to play with.... so, that shall be what i'll be doing the next few nights over the long weekend.

Some Valentine's day cards.... just got into the mood of making these, i wonder if it's too late to put them up at the shop?

Finally, more pics of my crazy kids - for my poor parents whose train was delayed for a full 4hours!!!

See ya all!

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Natasja said...

Hope you have a great new years eve!!
zLots your layouts and those cards are so cute!! Just like your kids :D