February 08, 2008

[HAPPY New Year!]

We welcomed in the year of the RAT with lots of food and catching up with relatives. It was nice getting all kitted out in the new clothes (i still remember how it was like as kids, waiting for the 1st day of chinese new year to FINALLY be allowed to wear the new stuff) :) I guess my kids are oblivious for now, but i look forward to seeing them in their new clothes even more than wearing my own new clothes! :P
So, this will be a long post with lots of photos:
[DAY 01]
i love how everybody's looking bright and cheery!
G doing a little impromptu performance
Yup, the chair's our tripod actually
V giving G her 1st AngPow of the year
Family portrait
playing with aunt L
syrupy yummy boiled eggs in longan dates tea
serving tea to the grandparents
V caught this cool picture of grandma
family - F, 6th Aunt, P and R :)

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