August 11, 2009


Finally moved. It's night #02 in the "new house" (nope, not OUR new house but V's granddad's place. It's been called "new House" for the past 20 yrs or so!)
So, it's been a hectic few weeks of living out of increasing boxes, but finally, within a few hours, all our worldly belongings were transported and are now living in the garage of "new house". It's great that there's all this space in the house and we've our own little space in the family hall upstairs. The kids are of course jubilant at having a whole big playroom at their disposal night and day.
Here's the pics of the move:
This one was a little weepy and slightly morose at having to leave Punggol. She was insistent that we have to take pics of 'every little corner'.
A little bit of TLC was needed to restore the cheerfulness.
Instructing me which angles to take, which toys and which furniture to pack.
The actual move..... all our stuff!
Boxes, boxes and more boxes!!!
This little one was in her own little world, she was sooo happy to see all her toys appearing as if by magic from the boxes, transforming an entire floor into a gigantic playroom.
Of course, this kept them suitably entertained and happy for the rest of the moving day!
I love this pic, the classy chinesey decor, totally clashing with the garish girly toys, but somehow, it works! heh....
Meanwhile, we were at the almost empty home...
All gone! Back to the original condition...

We will MISS YOU punggol..... Thanks for all the happy happy memories..... :)

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meta-lodestar said...

I will miss punggol too! It was fun hanging out there! Can't wait to see your new place.. see you at the not-so-"new house" soon :)