August 23, 2009


We took the girls off to Hort Park again yesterday, O, the delight of being SO near to one of the nicest parks in Singapore. No 45min car journeys to and fro, no squabbling and meltdowns on said long journeys, out and in the park in 20min!
Even though it was predictably hot, it was still a good break, a chance to breathe in some fresh air and to let off some of their pent up energy....
This is K with G in the foreground, but doesn't it look like K has a flouncy skirt?
K and G trying to take a picture with V
So difficult to get both to look at me at the same time!
Trying out with me now...
I love these candid shots
G + K
K on the hippo/dino.... scared of it as usual! haha
G balancing on a toadstool
K with her favorite "purple-coloured flower"
Super happy G

Took some time in the "kawa ore woom" while the kids were playing to make a little album. The album is from HERE, and the papers are from OA. Lots of internal pages and accents to be filled with photos and notes of the built of our new house.

We're having a big cookout here at new house today, so will check back later to post up more pics! :) Have a great weekend!!!

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Yin Sze said...

Look at K's mouth (in first photo)..hahaha...veryyyyyyyy adorable! Feel like giving her cheek a bite..haha...ur gals grown up so fast...jia you ar, mommie..when is your next baby then? :)