August 16, 2009

[weekend roundup!]

Another post! heee, hoping to be getting back to the blogging groove. We had a great lunch and catchup session with G's favorite couple... :) Unfortunately, we didn't bring out camera, but they did! So i'm patiently waiting for the pics.
In the meantime, here's what we did today:
I made my very 1st diapercake for SIL's good friend K :) It was really fun putting it together, more of a trial and error, but definately will continue making them! They're really cute!! :)
A little accompanying card with the super appropriate range of paper from OA.
A LO in progress, i'm planning to paint those alphas.... will update!
Found this pics of the 2 girls with ku ku P, hee, perfect for the Wild Card from OA!
An LO of me and G at New House. Documenting the times we're spending here....
Haha... a little reminder that we ought to be going for another vacation soon!
To work off the humongous buffet lunch / tea we had with YK + P, we brought the bikes up to the terrace to let the kids have a cycle..... o, the advantage of an outdoor space!
G gramps looking on in delight.... he is sooo into the girls, it's incredibly sweet how he looks forward to seeing them everyday.
G on her bikeK, not really pedalling yet, content to just push the trike around.

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playfulmeowz said...

Love your work with OA papers! Gramps sure looks happy! While sometimes we value our privacy, we are very blessed to be able to live with the elders, have them keep an eye on our little ones and the little ones to light up the eyes of the elders!