August 13, 2009

[pictorial journal]

Just to keep a little journal of our move, thoughts, little things that make up life.
Here's a few snapshots of what we've been doing:

Detail of bag.

Just embellished a little bag with fabric scraps. :) Yup, it's those little elephants again! From HERE, and i've still half a sheet left!! heee.

A little bit of greenery is great to look at while taking a break from the computer screen.
Our little home office campout. It has that 60s office-y feel to it somehow! :) I'm so into the chairs, i'm wondering if we'll be able to reupholster them into something like THIS or THIS


meta-lodestar said...

Yup many good stuff in new house just got to redo them:)

Phyllis said...

The chairs??? They are not very comfortable to sit in......