April 14, 2008

[the things she says]

G's really funny nowadays... the things that she says:
- mummy, can we get a black lexus, so that i can call it "black-xus"
- wat's yr name in chinese mummy? -me : yang liyue (my real name in chinese); G : wrong! that's not yr name - your name is "ma ma" (mummy in chinese) lol....
- you know why i'm doing this mummy (jumping around and wriggling her butt).... because i want to make you happy :)
- do you know why i know everything? Cos i'm SMART! smart is also when it's very painful when you get hurt.

lol... that's a miss know-it-all 3yr old for you!

Here's some images of the stuff i've been doing the past week.... lots and lots of baby onesies!

They are all in various sizes ranging from 6mths to 24months. Just email me if you see something you like here as not all are up on my shop.
Also, lots of people from Etsy have been moving over HERE .... i just had to jump onto the bandwagon too! :)

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