April 17, 2008

[some random stuff]

Not much to post lately.. work has been hectic, but i managed a secret (at least from the kids) time off yesterday afternoon. It was sooo good to have a nice long chit chat with my 2 closest girlfriends. We all had our kids around the same time, so it's really difficult to coincide our timetables to meet up. And when we do meetup, it's usually with the kids, virtually impossible to have one of those intense girlie sessions :) I thoroughly enjoyed the yakking, the giggling, the dessert indulging, the blissful pampering.... soo soo glad to have these girls in my life! Thanks PS and S :) so, we HAVE to do this more often! (after much thinking, we realised we say this everytime we meet, but the last time we did it was more than half a year ago!)

Nothing much to post, except that the SOMO gallery is up!
Here's a sneak peak at wat i did.. head HERE for more eye candy!

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st said...

yes we MUST meet up more often! :)