May 10, 2008

[little commando crawler]

That's what K is right now. the speed that she can move about on all fours is increasing everyday. She first started being able to crawl about 3 days ago, now she's moving about the floor with incredible determination and speed. Her favorite places to crawl to - the rattan chair, the dining room platform, the niche shelving in the lounge platform. I've to totally babyproof the hall now, esp with G being so into her puzzles and tiny lego.
Here's a pic of those yummy chubby limbs :

Over the week, i completed another set of iPhone & nano cosies. In a bid to make it less girly, i'm adding more 'masculine' colours :P What do you think? Go HERE to see the whole lot.
Finally completed my laptop holder for SIL :) complete with handles and button closure.

A custom order in the post :

The more masculine colour palette:Thanks to M for the scrap fabrics with these cute birdcages! :)

Have a great mother's day and a good weekend everybody! :)

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Anna said...

I just love your little fabric collages on these pieces. They look so great!