May 28, 2008

hongkong trip and other stuff

lots and lots of pictures! my photo log has been lagging behind my blogging schedule... :P So, the next few posts will be mainly pictures, not so much words!
having fun at the horseracing grounds in the middle of central hongkong island.
G has a thing abt corners, and she was thrilled that there was a tiny one in our hotel room :)
So different from our previous trips, G loves her pram now... she keeps wanting to sit in it :P
becoming lazy? heh heh.
This is what a shopaholic family looks like :)
caught in the act! (my fav shop - h&m - i can't wait till they come to singapore!)
G in my trendy new glasses...

clowning aroundsome cosies and felt pockets for the Functional Felt Swap :)
a little book on my girls that i've just completed :)
a series of commissioned small wedding albums - Book 01 - To Have Book 02 - & To Hold, Book 03 - Forever... :)


Mel said...

i want H&M too! looks like you guys had fun.. :)

Amelia said...

Jacq, another tempting reason to come visit! We've H&M just next door to us!

Marr said...

she's duper adorable in the sunglasses. :)