May 15, 2008

[3-yr old : sketches]

Last night, i told little G, let's do our own stuff (because i wanted to finish off my novel :P)... so, she took out her little notebook and started doing her own drawings. She first drew the flower, which i said - Wow! that's such a pretty flower! - inspired, she continued with Flower #2, which she declared - A ROSE! - and then got a bit bored and decided to draw mummy. Which she gave the token 2 arms and legs, with Curly Wurly hair and big eyes. Lucky thing she didn't draw a big mouth! Lol.... After that, she decided she was better at flowers and drew the rest, which she critiqued - these look more like bracelets mummy. :P
So, here's the masterpiece :
this is little K's passport picture:


Irene said...

little K look so cute and chubby.

Milly said...

Your kids are gorgeous and talented! How wonderful that you are capturing all these magic little moments. It is all too easy to let them slip by forever. Great job!

Amelia said...

Hey Jacq! I really enjoy your blog and have nominated it for the E for Excellence Award. Now go get that award image thingy and post it high on your blog, you deserve it /=D

scrap-myself-silly said...

Hey Jacq,

My friend absolutely LOVES the onesies that you custom-made for her twins. Thanks a gazillion !