May 16, 2010

[just another ordinary weekend]

We decided to go visit one of our nearby parks this weekend after being told by S that it was a wonderful place to go.... (it was!) Here they are at Kent Ridge Park....
It just cleared after some overnight showers, so it was perfect weather for splashing in puddles. We brought out the boots and there were lots of little and big puddles to splash in.
Funny face 01
Funny face 02
Funny face 03
Finally a nice shot :)
K looking at her little puddle

Such a little cheeky one.
Running about as usual
My 2 little fashionistas (attire: K - Top- neighborhood shop, jeans - baby gap; G - Top & shorts - H&M, bag - gift, both sunglasses from ku ku P, both boots - Friven & co)

Found some time to finish up another clutch with G's sketches. I really should start listing them up on Etsy, just haven't found the time to do so..... :P
The girls had nutella on the patio after their afternoon nap..
They LOVE it, and so do I.. .lol....

Off to finish up my novel now, eat some raisins and have coffee :) Have a great weekend!

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