May 23, 2010

[Excursion... LRT ride + Sengkang park]

My self-declared long weekend started on Friday when I accompanied the girls on their bi-termnal kindie excursion. Even though there were so many kids, I'm always impressed by how the teachers handle everybody when we're out of the school compound. Even more impressive were the children, who were one of the most well-behaved bunch of kids I've ever come across! (mine included... lol... )
We started with a little trip on public transport (in this case, a chartered LRT no less!) and it was so cute to see the sense of wonder and excitement in the children's faces, and with a little one shouting out the stations as this was his regular route home. We then went to the park, where a wide expanse of green and lots of friends make for a wonderful morning out. The girls as usual, were totally sweaty and yucky after the outing. I definately should do this more, as I'm struck by how fast these years pass by...
K in her little yellow boots. She was soo thrilled that I'm tagging along on the excursion!
With all her friends in the little-est class at Kindie.
Excited, and wondering where her sister was. :)
G picking flowers at the park
While K learnt some frisbee moves from her friends
My favorite shot of the day, look at that sweaty joyous face!

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