May 23, 2010

[Long weekend part 2]

Driven out of the house from neighboring renovation works (makes us guilty for putting our neighbors through all that din so many months ago!), we decided to bring the kids out for a day at the museum. This weekend is family fun day at the ACM, a great place to bring the kids to for some good indoor fun. I'm let the pictures do the talking:

Haha, my little poser!
It started to drizzle, but the walk to the museum via the Singapore River was so much cooler as a result.
Love her look in jeansStudying the family activity book. K getting stuck into it immediately.
A little dressing up... she loved all the costumes
My very own little nonya :)

Nothing like icecream to end a perfect morning outing spent at the museum.G on Cavenagh bridge. The weather was soo good today, we were a little bit sad we didn't have the pram with us, which would have made walking outdoors a lot more enjoyable, as K didn't have much stamina left after skipping her regular afternoon naptime.
Trying to get a decent picture with the girls, but K wasn't really coorperating, all she wanted was to lie on daddy's shoulder for her nap!

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