July 22, 2007

[playing charades]

We set up G's table for her, she's ecstatic that she can now draw on her own little table! V drew a hotdog and asked her what it was - "AIRCON" came the reply. So we decided on a little game of charades :
V : when daddy goes running, how do i feel when i get back?
G : Sweaty!
V : but it's not cold, so its?
G : Sweaty!
V : ok, how abt this *draws a dog*
G : looks like a cow....
V : erm.... ok. when we go to ikea, what do we eat?
G : Ketchup!
haha.... we were all rolling on the floor laughing by this time.... here's the pics:

We went to S's place yesterday for the 3 little kiddies to play together. Yummy brunch with bagels, mushroom muffins and waffles with icecream :) The funny thing is - both M & E call their fathers - "papa". So, since yesterday, G's been going - "where's my papa? what's my papa doing? i gotta go and look for my papa... " but when she sees vic, she still goes - daddy!!!
wat a mess!
finally broke into my Amy Butler stash (ouch!) and made G a dress :P
i think it's too long and quite big.
hands in pockets
twirling around
and around!
afternoon tea - mangoes (yum!) and the latest ben&jerry flavor :)

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meta-lodestar said...

oh my! your heart must have bled a little as you cut up the wonderful fabric! hehe... love the dress! G looks so grown up!