July 15, 2007

[half of July gone ALREADY!!!]

Another weekend and the shocking realisation that it's already mid-july! Gosh where has the year gone to! Scary scary how time goes by so quickly. Never more so manifested in the way G has been growing up..... this weekend is the dream of all parents - no tantrums, no wingeing, no pushing of any boundaries. G's just been all smiles, all talk, and all the sugar and spice that little girls her age are. She's been super concerned abt me being sick, insisting on being my little 'helper', carrying the empty cups and bowls to the kitchen for me and even trying to carry me to the bed to rest! haha..... so proud of her!
So, we went to the park again this morning, this time slightly earlier, really good weather and a good day out!

O! and on the crafty front - nope, i haven't gone totally off scrapping and crafting, just been too busy to photograph them! :) Proud to say i've just complete my FIRST ever bag made from a pattern :P *heh* Not really pleased with the result - i think it's the stiffness of the bag that i've an issue with. It was actually really easy to follow the instructions and i had a completed bag to show in a couple of hours. So, i finally learnt how to create a lining properly *yes... i know.. i'm slow that way :P* which provided enough motivation and inspiration to just wing the next pattern! Not enough daylight left to take decent pics of the 2 projects, so the pics wil just have to wait till tomorrow!


Marr said...

Gracie so blessed to have you always bringing her to the park. hahaha! Seth's totally deprived of park visits. Maybe I should try to bring him as well before the little one is born. :)

Like your little bump, looking great, yeah! Mine, now infested with all stretched marks. (**<)

Can't wait to see your creation.

meta-lodestar said...

oh my darling niece is a real DARLING! and she's growing up much too fast for my pleasure :) love her smiles and her cute expressions