July 11, 2007

[things G says]

There's a series of G-isms that have the same consistency of being how a 2 yr old views the world. I love how G is so expressive and able to articulate herself really well to us. She's also at an age where everything and every series of questions ends with the ubiquitous WHY?

So, some of these G-isms (before i forget):
1. Frus-sitating! - a combination of frustrating and irritating? usually expressed when she can't get things right- like putting on shoes or fixing jigsaws
2. Pocketmoney - i told her to save up on her pocket money in order to buy the chocolate egg she wanted, so she went around all the adults in the house looking into their pockets for money!
3. Because i like it! - anything that doesn't have a real reason - like why are u jumping about? why are you not getting dressed yet? why are you wearing that funny hat? (i guess it's just us adults always asking stupid questions)
4. i'msorryandiwon'tdoiteveragain - haha, dun know where she gets that from! but she'll say it all in one breath if she's done something to make either one of us upset.

Here's a pic of G's room - at the moment it's only her name - she'll have to share with the 2nd child once we decide on the name! (the little altered item on the right is something new i did for a DT call - will share more pics of it once the call is over!)

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Yu'er said...

Just had the same wonder that where did they get those words from! Love the altered frame, beautiful!