October 04, 2009

[lanterns and birthdays]

Handmade card from G and V. :)

I have been thoroughly spoiled this year for my birthday! Thanks to my parents and sis-in-law, the start of my birthday weekend was a 'child-free' date night out with Vic to try the infamous Morten's steak sandwiches. Together with Lychee martinis, it was a great way to start an adult's night out! :) Part 2 was a great dinner of grilled lambchops and rosemary baked potatoes at the English Pub venue Queen & Mangosteen, Vivocity. The girls then had a nice walk about the rooftop carrying their lanterns. On my actual birthday, we went to the nearby Colbar, a really quaint little part of the Wessex / Portsdown cluster, with ample space for the girls to run around. Now I'm pigging out on mooncakes and coffee..... having a perfect weekend indeed!

Some pics:
Choosing what to have for lunch
cute little overalls :)
Doting grandpa
lunch! Western / Hainanese grub in rustic canteen settingK and me
Me and the girls, not really cooperating for a nice photo
Playing mastermind with Grandpa
Sharing a joke
Peek - a - boo!
Sweet sweet K
Hahaha, this was the look she gave my dad when he called her K.

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