October 14, 2009

[Talking Thursdays]

Back to the regular schedule of Talking Thursdays! (on a late saturday.. but better late than never! heehee) :)
I've been inundated with work lately and it didn't help that both the girls and me fell sick! So it was literally a whole week of sleepless nights over here. Anyways, this didn't stop me from starting to think about how to create a nice interior space for the new place. The problem i feel with architects is that we tend to think much more about the configuration of spaces - ie. where the walls should be placed, which spaces overlook each other, what should the overall flow through the spaces be like etc. We seldom ponder very much over what sort of furnitures to purchase, what should the soft finishes be, what sort of decorative lights look better in the space. Of course, with our own home, we are our own clients and have to look into all these things too. Which is very fun, as a lot of it is to do what we love best - shopping! hee......
So, here's what's top on my list of items to purchase (or already purchased)
Some Simple Furniture - especially the clothes trees (which has also a junior version!)

Cute Wallpaper - anybody going to the UK soon?
Ikea's new PS collection ..... especially this wonderful side table!!
Been also dreaming of the perfect sofa, you know, the type that is nice and comfortable enough to fully stretch out and lounge in, yet looks totally presentable and pristine in a more formal setting.... I'm in love with leather sofas, but I really doubt it will be super comfortable to lie in on a hot humid tropical afternoon! (thinking of wet sticky patches... eeeks)
But, if i could, this is what i would get (or something similar):
image via emmas designblogg

sigh.... so many things on my wishlist! Luckily I've already bought all the essentials - sanitary fittings; kitchen equipment etc... hee....

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