October 01, 2009

[Talking Thursdays]

Heh, for want of a better title....
I know i posted sometime ago about putting up house related postings every friday once the house reno got underway. Unfortunately, those best laid plans have gone to nought... :P Anyways, i was thinking about what to post, how to post it and realised that there isn't a real "theme" running through all the stuff that I wanted to talk about. Hence the title.
So, to start off, i thought i would post some pics of our new house (in model form):

I love making models and in school, i made lots of them! Especially models that can double up as dollhouses for the kids. The girls are thrilled when they see words like "girls room" and "playroom" in the model.

Also, I thought i would do a little review of some products. Recently, we bought 2 sets of drawers from IKEA. Don't get me wrong, i LOVE ikea for many many reasons. However, we realised how wrong we were when we bought these:

It's the "Antonius" set of drawers and frame, which are quite the staple at IKEA. We were sold by the attractive price tag, and thought that the simple construction meant that little could go wrong. Unfortunately, even though it was simple to put together, the slanted drawer sides meant that there wasn't as much room as it looked. Also, the drawer tracks were constantly skewed, depending on how we pushed the drawer in, it is never a smooth opening or closing. I guess it might work for lesser used drawers for storage, but for daily use, it is super frustrating and is really getting to me!

Compared to this:A set of similar drawers called "PP" from MUJI, which was a good three times the price tag. Of course, we learnt our lesson this time. Sometimes it is better to pay for a better quality product than to be frustrated with it every single time I use it.
For an item that i use at least 5 or 6 times a day, multiplied by the number of days a week, by the number of days a month, I think I will go for the MUJI drawers from now on!

Hope you like the 1st Talking Thursday post! :) More to come next week (hopefully)....

Some interesting links i've been looking at:

Happy Thursday... and a fun children's day to all the children out there!

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Roslyn said...

Hi Jacq! Been an avid follower of your blog. You create beautiful things. May I ask where do you usually buy your fabrics from? I searched ebay but don't always find those as nice as yours. I don't make things for commercial sale, just a hobby of mine and my girls. :)