October 28, 2009

[Sundays at the beach]

Since the last visit to the beach, we have decided that it should be a weekly / bi-weekly feature for the girls. They absolutely love the sand, the water play and the general chill out factor of being at Sentosa. This weekend, although we had a scant 4 hrs of sleep previously, we managed to bring the girls way before the hot sun came up! Even so, they managed to get all rosy and flushed.... :) All the better for mama's photos!

Cheeky little girl....
Look at her rosy cheeks...
This little one was content to sit on the sand, heaping sand into her purple bucket. *note that she insisted on sitting on my slipper!*
K loved "catching" the water in her bucket
After the sand play, they cooled off at the water fountain.
G was thrilled with making the plastic cups "dance" on the water spouts
Pure Joy....

That night was my little kid cousin's wedding.... It was a great oppurtunity for the girls to wear their twirly skirts! :)
K with cousins J and J
2 sets of sisters
twirly K...

:) A good weekend!

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ming : sheena said...

hey I saw those twirly skirts too. was thinking of getting them for el and cait!