November 02, 2009

[Playdate at the Beach]

Hehe, are you all sick of looking at the Beach pics? Yup! We brought the girls again to the beach over the weekend, it was touch and go at first as the weather was stormy and rainy the whole of saturday, and sunday morning started out pretty dismal as well. After much fervent praying (G), we were so happy that the skies cleared around 9, which was when we settled in on our fav spot at the beach.
G of cos was delighted to meet G again, they greeted each other like long lost friends and it was heartwarming to see them embrace and talk nineteen to a dozen the whole morning! The younger set couldn't really play together yet, but they were starting to get curious about what each other was doing. The funny thing is, both #2s were so squeemish with the sand, gingerly circumventing their more boisterous older siblings and sitting quietly in their little sand pits.
Here are the pics:

Well it got a little bit too much at the end and there was the famous meltdown... nothing a bottle of warm milk and a little nap couldn't solve!

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