November 13, 2009

[photo effects]

For all you professional + amateur photographer mummies out there, do you use Photoshop on your photos? Do you edit your photos at all? I used to think that PS was "cheating", but not anymore! I've been seeing some really stunning pics on various blog sites, most of them are by professional photographers. They use PS not to "correct" the photo, but to enhance it and to create a certain mood that is not really present. Found this website via another website on my bloglines - and i'm totally sold on the photos! really really gorgeous, this is a momma of 3 and she looks SOO good! :) There's also a little tutorial in there for some vignetting..... which i tried out..
So, after fiddling around with PS a little bit, here are the images of our previous weekend at (guess where?) heh, the beach. This time around with S and her girls:
K looking a little bewildered at the absence of the waters..
Gorgeous E so enthralled by the spouts!
Unfortunately our 2 older kids decided they didn't really want to play with each other.. sigh....
K and her buckets... :) hee....

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