November 30, 2007


V's off work today, so we had a relaxing morning out at the beach. It must b one of K's growth spurt days, cos she fed quite often and was asleep almost the whole day! :) which was great for catching up on my reading and doing nothing much else.....
my girls

K peeking to see if the beach was worth getting up for...perfecting the 'one-hand' carry
G with V

O, and i've finally finished and listed these nano covers! loved doing them, as their petite size makes for easy transportability... these were hand embroidered on car trips, appliqued while nursing, and i just managed to cut up more of them at the beach!

Yesterday rained the whole afternoon, so while G napped, this is what me and my mum did :
Went to daiso today to get some bobbin clips, so here's the final product :)
my lavender stash has arrived - lots of plans for xmas prezzies :)

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Ravenhill said...

loving seeing your joyous creativity! What a bonanza! I also used to knit or crochet while nursing. I just recently stopped nursing.